Pettavel Vineyards are located in Cool Climate wine regions. We target the premium wine market. The areas in which our vineyards are located are favoured by warmer days and cool nights which are perfect for growing quality grapes. The region is cooler than Bordeaux but warmer than Burgundy in France.


Organise a group and come for a tasting at our cellar doors. Our staff is highly enthusiastic and approachable with a broad knowledge of the winemaking process and a passionate of wine appreciation. We are committed to providing visitors with as much information about wine as they wish to learn.


Our estate grown grapes provide confidence in our wines, as great wines can only be made from great grapes. Grown in our own vineyards blessed by beautiful cool climate and ample sunlight, our grapes are cultivated to be the perfect raw material of great wines. With individual characters and typical regional features, these fruits demonstrate complex flavors and are naturally delicious.