Super Mission to China succesfully

As a delegate participating in a Super Mission to China, Pettavel Australia showcased its premium wines to Chinese wine dealers at expos in Tianjin and Shanghai from the 21st to 23rd of October.

Cr Fiona visited Yarra Glen Vineyard

Cr Fiona, the Councillor of Yarra Valley, visited our Yarra Glen vineyard on the 10th of October.

We highly appreciate her visit and want to thank her for her valuable feedback and suggestions.

About Pettavel Australia

Pettavel Group is based in Victoria of Australia with the headoffice located in Melobourn CBD. Pettavel Group holds Geelong winery estate, Yarra Glen Vineyard ( Meroo) and Pettavel agribusiness investment.

History of Wine in Australia

In 1788 Captain Arthur Phillip alighted at Sydney Cove importing Australia’s first grape vines from Brazil and the Cape of Good Hope. This tentative start was the birth of a thriving wine industry that in a fraction over 200 years would be exporting more than 800 million litres of wine to the world. Australia’s first commercial vineyard and winery were established in the early 1800s.

2013 Royal Melbourne Wine Awards

Entries are now open for the 2013 Royal Melbourne Wine Awards (RMWA) conducted by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV) and with it comes the announcement of this year’s Awards news.


Wine Tasting

A greater understanding of tasting and appreciating wine can certainly enhance your enjoyment of it. Tasting is not only important for finished wines, but also critical during the winemaking process. For consumers, rather than correctly identifying a wine’s varietal character and/or provenance, tasting should be about exploring and…

The best order for wine tasting

Whether you’re out at the wine shop, at a wine tasting party, or just have multiple bottles open at a gathering, the order that wines are tasted in can have a big impact on flavor.  There are so many wines though, how does one go about determining which order to try them in?

The Purpose Of Cellar Door

Cellar doors allow people to come and visit the home of the brand. Consumers can physically see, touch and feel where the wines are produced. Being at the cellar door enhances the experience of wine tasting. You get the chance to try the wine before you buy, and you may get to taste some specialty wines that are…