Pettavel Vineyards are located in Cool Climate wine regions. We target the premium wine market. The areas in which our vineyards are located are favoured by warmer days and cool nights which are perfect for growing quality grapes. The region is cooler than Bordeaux but warmer than Burgundy in France. 

Our harvest season is typically from February to April. Today over 200 wineries are spread throughout the region. 

Melbourne produces award winning and famous wines every year. Famous wine regions include the Yarra Valley, Geelong, Mornington Peninsula, Sunbury and Mt Macedon. Pettavel holds 2 major vineyards around Melbourne. These are Yarra Glen (80HA) and Geelong (129HA). We are also one of the largest private vineyards around Melbourne. Pettavel also has a joint investment in South Australia, New Zealand and Canada to meet the needs of the international market.