Estate grown, Estate Made

complex & expressive cool Climate wines.

Our estate grown grapes provide confidence in our wines, as great wines can only be made from great grapes. Grown in our own vineyards blessed by beautiful cool climate and ample sunlight, our grapes are cultivated to be the perfect raw material of great wines. With individual characters and typical regional features, these fruits demonstrate complex flavors and are naturally delicious.


Our wine making process has been designed to keep minimal human intervention, ensuring that regional and varietal characters are captured, retained and emphasized in all of our wines.


Our wine has been iconic brand in Geelong region. In April 2004, Prime Minister came to visit Geelong and he was impressed by the Pettavel Brand. He held a grand banquet, treating the guests with our famous Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling.


The wine labels for our wines released in 2012 were designed to commemorate the year of 1842 when Mr. David Pettavel settled in the region and pioneered in grape growing and wine making. The labels represent the true shape of our Geelong estate which is surrounded by 3 kilometers of beautiful river banks.